Ana de Armas BTS Workouts for 

The Gray Man

The most recent: She underwent some extremely cool stunt training to prepare for her role as CIA operative Dani Miranda.

The 34-year-old actress is flaunting her lean abs, arms, and legs while preparing for some very difficult stunts.

Ana puts all of her effort into her acting preparation, but she also mixes it up with Pilates and walks with her dog, Elvis.

The 34-year-old may be seen relaxing at what appears to be a pub while wearing flawless winged eyeliner,

Source: Ana de Amas

Ana watching a battle scene while wearing a stylish floral-print suit

Source: Ana de Amas

Ana faux beating the crap out of a guy while looking seriously strong in some athleisure at a gym

Source: Ana de Amas

Ana fighting another guy while wielding a gun and flashing some impressively toned abs

Source: Ana de Amas

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