Amazing Winona Ryder's Beauty Secret You need to Know

Stranger Things Star, 50 year old Winona Ryder who still looks like a teenage girl.

Winona doesn't put on makeup When She not working, only she put on sunscreen and lipstick.

Giving up smoking is one of the secrets of her beauty.

 In an interview she said that she wanted to grow old but she doesn't look old the secret behind this is she eats a lot of salad and drinks a lot of water.

Winona Ryder does not eat bread, she does not eat sweet desserts, but she likes drinking tea with honey.

Reason behind her beautiful face is she likes everything natural even those ageing lines.

Being blessed with a slim body still she works out which is also the reason for her glamour.

 '90s superstar had a rule for her mascara as she has big eyes she uses big brushes for mascara. 

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