How Neeraj Chopra has Kept his Focus 

Finally winning silver at the Eugene 2022 World Athletics Championships, Neeraj Chopra shares his fitness tips.

Neeraj Chopra, an Olympic gold champion, won silver at the 2022 World Athletics Championship.

Since he won the gold medal at the Tokyo Games, his journey has been based on a strict physical regimen.

For his Eugene project, Chopra's trainer Klaus Bartonietz and longtime physio Ishaan Marwaha started his physical regimen in California.

"It was almost like beginning from zero because there was a four-month hiatus, he was overweight and had put on roughly 12 to 14 kilogrammes," Chopra's physiotherapist, Marwaha, said.

The main goals of Team Chopra were to get him to lose weight while also increasing his flexibility and fortifying his joints.

Malwa added, "When we got to Chula Vista, our first priority was to lose weight.Sugar was immediately removed from the diet. No refined sugar, no added sugar to beverages, and no coffee.

Food-derived sugar was fine. During those four to five weeks, we consumed fewer carbohydrates and more protein.

The main sources of protein were chicken, salmon, and a lot of salad. and the eggs as well.

A protein supplement is merely a supplement. Potatoes were used as a source of carbohydrates, according to Marwaha's description of Mihira Khopkar, the camp nutritionist.

"I shed between 12 and 14 kilos (after returning to training after the break following the Olympics) Losing weight is not a huge thing." Neeraj said

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