Samantha's Fitness?

What is the Secret Behind

Workout first thing in the morning. Samantha is a proponent of exercising first thing in the morning. Both your metabolism and establishing consistency are aided by it.

Samantha claims that a significant component of her fitness is her diet. Her power now comes solely from eating plant-based food.

Adapt your exercise routine to keep your body active.

Whether it's weightlifting, gymnastics, aerial yoga, or parkour, Samantha isn't one to be afraid to try something new.

Pay attention to your body and thoughts

Samantha uses guided meditation and breathwork to de-stress on days when her body is crying out for a break.

Make use of your workout as therapy.

Samantha admitted in an interview that "going to the gym is still a hardship for me." But when she sees the outcomes, she is glad to continue.

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