How to Reduce Triglycerides Naturally with Indian Food

You have read the title, so before moving any further let’s find out what Triglycerides are-

These are types of fats or lipids found in your blood. After eating food, the body releases energy which makes us stay active, but if that energy doesn’t get used after a meal, it gets stored as Triglyceride in the fat cells.

When you consume more calories than you burn or require the body stores it as triglyceride cells or Fat, and when you need energy after meals or during starvation, hormones release triglycerides for meeting the energy requirement.

Tip- Do not consume more calories than you burn regularly particularly from foods high in carbohydrates or else you may have high triglycerides in your body leading to high chances of heart diseases.

High Triglycerides Causes

There are a few other reasons which can increase triglycerides in our bodies:

  • Smoking too much
  • Reckless drinking habits
  • Eating too much junk
  • Consuming sweet foods (excessive sugar intake)
  • Type 2 diabetes.
  • Side effects of taking certain medications such as Steroids, Retinoids, Diuretics, and immunosuppressants.

Being aware of your habits will be very beneficial and keep your triglycerides level in check, Triglycerides levels can be detected through a blood test.

high cholesterol diet plan indian

Low Cholesterol Indian Food List

How to reduce triglycerides naturally with Indian food? Here is a list of foods you can consume to lower or control Triglyceride levels:

(All these food items are easily available and are very nutrient-dense)

  • Foods are rich in fiber such as Brown rice, oats, quinoa, and other fruits and vegetables are rich in fiber.
  • Important– Have whole fruits and Veggies instead of juices, juices will just add sugar with little to no nutrition. You will fill up your fiber content only with Whole fruits and Vegetables.
  • Have plenty of green vegetables– consume all types of greens available in the market from leafy greens- methi, spinach to ladies’ fingers, drumsticks, and a variety of gourds.
  • Consume dry fruits such as almonds and walnuts, they are also great for heart health
  • Munch on fruits as snacks – you can eat the banana, mango, orange, or any other seasonal fruit that is available in your nearby supermarket.
  • Add Dal to your daily diet– there are different types of Dals available and you can have any which you like. Dal is rich in Nutrients and tastes delicious too.
  • Dark chocolate, you can consume in moderation and try to opt for less sugar or no sugar actual dark chocolate variants.
  • Soy protein, you can consume this in soy milk or soybeans, it has been linked to lower triglycerides.

Is Paneer Good for Cholesterol?

Paneer is rich in protein which makes our muscles stronger. Vitamin D is found in paneer which is very useful for our body’s overall health. Paneer also keeps cholesterol and blood pressure under control and it is the best diet for diabetics.

Is Paneer Good for Cholesterol

Indian Diet Plan for High Triglycerides

You now know the list of foods to consume for lowering triglycerides. Let’s have a look at a simple Indian diet plan to reduce triglycerides-

  • Breakfast-

Vegetable Upma and 1 cup skim milk


1 slice of brown bread and 2 egg whites (boiled)

  • Pre-Lunch

A cup of mixed fruits


A cup of boiled channa/sprouts

  • Lunch

2 nos chapati, half a cup of rice, half a cup of rajma, sabzi made at home, and some salad


Chicken curry (200gm chicken), a cup of rice, and some cucumber salad

  • Evening Snack

A cup of watermelon


A cup of tea or coffee with 2 oatmeal or digestive biscuits

  • Dinner

Half cup sabzi (can be ladyfinger) and 2 Chapati


Any vegetable sabzi (half cup) cooked in less oil, with 2 chapati’s

indian diet plan for high triglycerides

How to Lower Triglycerides with Lifestyle Changes?

We have a few tips for you, which you add to your lifestyle so you can reduce or balance your triglyceride levels naturally:

  • Workout Regularly– exercising regularly will lower your triglyceride levels, you can indulge in cycling, running, walking, aerobics or Dancing.
  • Healthier snacking– next time you want to binge while watching Netflix, snack on some fresh fruit or a smoothie
  • Moderation is the key– Avoid too much butter or ghee in your food, have it in moderation.
  • Healthy Fats– Have some Fish for omega-3 fatty acid, as it can decrease your risk of heart diseases, also vegetarians can go for Omega-3 supplements.
  • Consciously avoid Sweets– Trans-fat which is very harmful and is found in cakes, Pastries, and Pies, and avoid anything that has hidden fats.
  • Lose Weight– You know if you have gained some weight, and you know you need to lose it. The quicker you lose weight, the faster you reduce your risk of catching any heart disease. Weight loss can reduce your chances of having diabetes, and high blood pressure also.
  • Drink plenty of water– a well-hydrated body will keep those hunger pangs in check! Avoid any carbonated soft drinks or energy drinks.

Even if you have a high triglyceride level, you can reduce them naturally over time by maintaining a Healthy Lifestyle! The importance of a healthy diet is widely underestimated, and if followed nicely, it will not only reduce the chances of catching diseases but also make you feel healthy and active at all times!

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Ananya Gupta
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