Indian Keto Diet Plan Vegetarian for Better Weight Loss

‘Keto’- the word itself sounds fancy. You have certainly heard of keto diets, with celebrities swearing by this diet to people talking about this. Before starting on the Indian keto diet plan let us tell you a little bit about this diet.

The Keto diet involves consuming high fat and moderate protein along with very less carbohydrate intake. The diet focuses on burning fat than carbohydrates, because when the body needs fuel and it doesn’t find carbohydrates in the body, it uses the fat and protein which leads to losing fat and ultimately weight loss.

An Indian diet is filled with carbohydrates and for Indian food enthusiasts, keto can be a huge task and so can be making an Indian keto diet plan. However, you don’t need to search more for an Indian Keto diet plan, we have got the perfect keto Indian diet plan for you inclusive of options.

Indian Keto Diet Plan

(Ps- A Keto diet won’t feel like a diet, as you have to eat fats, the keto diet will surely feel like a treat!)

Indian Keto Diet Plan Vegetarian


Early Morning

One glass of lukewarm water with 1 tablespoon lemon juice and a hint of honey.


A handful of almonds, Paneer bhurji, Watermelon juice


Spinach omelet


Paneer mushroom bhurji with spinach


Scrambled eggs with cheese


Panner and Vegetable Broth


Chilli paneer plus cauliflower rice


Bhindi sabzi, 2 rotis (Keto flour)


1 plate quinoa khichdi, 1 cup yogurt, papad and a bowl of vegetables (sautéed)

Evening Snack

Black coffee, Green Tea (can be had any time of the day also)


Half cup strawberries, bowl of watermelon, or any fruit


A handful of nuts or seeds


Cheese slice


Paneer Bhurji with Capsicum,  2 chapatis (Keto)


Keto Thai rice plus Thai coconut stew


Mix veggie salad and veg kebabs cooked in ghee


A bowl of cauliflower brown rice plus stir-fried vegetables

keto diet plan vegetarian indian

Benefits of the Keto Diet

There are multiple benefits of following a vegetarian Indian keto diet plan, weight loss being one of the most common reasons for which it is followed:

  • Regulates blood sugar levels

Keto Is useful for people with diabetes as the reduced intake of carbs reduces blood sugar levels.

  • Healthy skin

Following a keto diet can reduce acne on the face reduced carb intake balances the bacteria in the stomach, leading to supple and skin. Also read, 17 Natural Foods for Glowing Skin.

  • Great for heart health

Consuming fats in high quantities increases good cholesterol and decreases bad cholesterol levels, which means a healthy heart.

  • Relieves PCOS symptoms

According to research, the Keto diet providers many benefits to people with hormonal disorders such as PCOS or polycystic ovary syndrome. Weight loss and hormone balance were a few of the benefits.

Foods to Avoid

There are some foods that one must avoid when following a keto diet, for the Keto diet to be effective and work for you:

  • White Rice: It is very high in Carbs and you can opt for cauliflower rice as a great alternative.
  • Starchy veggies: Avoid Vegetables high in starch content such as sweet potatoes and peas, go for non-starchy ones such as broccoli and Zucchini.
  • Butter: Avoid margarine butter at any cost, go for other ones or the best alternative is olive oil and ghee which are healthy fats.
  • Any desserts: Avoid any foods with high sugar content- soft drinks, Colas, energy drinks, cakes, pastries, and Cereals are a big no-no.
  • Sweetened yogurt: You can go for Greek yogurt instead as sweetened yogurt is filled with carbs, plain yogurt has carbs to but in fairly low quantities.

Foods to Eat in Keto Diet

Some foods are very filling and nutritious. one should include these in their Indian Keto Diet plan-

  • Eggs: Eggs have high protein content and are very filling. The added advantage is eggs can be cooked in numerous ways and it’s delicious in all forms!
  • Say Cheese: Cheese is low in carbohydrates and high in fats thus making it an ideal and delicious choice for Indian keto diet plan. Plus, who doesn’t like cheesy dishes and that too on a diet!
  • Cream: The cream is high in fats and very low in carbohydrate content making it the right fit for People following a Indian keto diet plan. You can add fresh cream to your coffee, berries, or vegetables.

Vegetarian Indian keto piet plan is about taking around 60% fats, 15% of carbohydrates and 25% protiens in your daily diet for 4 weeks.

The Keto diet is full of delicious recipes to eat, with added health benefits. You have the list of to eat and to not to eat foods, now you are all set to start your keto journey!

Ananya Gupta
Ananya Gupta
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