Amazing Tasty And Healthy Indian Diet For Kidney Stone Patients

It’s an old saying, eat healthy food all life and stay away from ailments. Everything that we eat, reflects on the body. When you eat healthily you feel healthy and active unlike if you eat unhealthy food constantly, you start feeling lethargic.

A kidney stone is an ailment in which diet is an aspect that has to be taken special care of. Certain foods should be consumed and some should be avoided. Sometimes it can be really difficult to curate an Indian diet plan suitable for kidney Stone patients who want to eat Indian food.

To solve this difficulty for you, we have brought an Indian diet plan with options too, suitable for Kidney Stone patients

indian foods to avoid for kidney stones

Indian Diet Plan for Kidney Stone Patients

  • Breakfast

1 bowl of daliya with veggies and a pomegranate


2 Vegetable sandwiches plus a glass of milk


Cornflakes with 1 glass of toned milk

  • Snack

1 glass of lemon juice


A Guava


A banana

  • Lunch

2-3 Bajra roti, methi sabzi, a bowl of radish curry, and a glass of chaas or buttermilk.


Bhindi sabzi, 1/2 cup rasam, 2 chapatis, a cup of rice and a glass of chaas


Capsicum potato sabzi, 1/2 cup rasam, 2 chapatis, 1 cup of rice, and a glass of chaas

  • Evening Snack

Veggie upma


Green tea with 2 biscuits




Lemon juice, sharbat

  • Dinner

2 chapatis, 1 cup carrot capsicum sabzi, 1 cup horse gram dal, and salad


1 cup brown rice, Dal, Bottle gourd sabzi salad


2 chapati, 1/2 cup tinde ki sabzi, and salad

(Preferably cucumber salad)

Indian Foods to Avoid for Kidney Stones

Certain foods can do more harm than good when consumed by a person suffering from Kidney Stone. Here is a list of foods you should avoid and some that you can consume in moderation:

  • Avoid foods high in oxalate content, which is a major reason for the occurrence of stones. Foods such as strawberries, celery, Tomatoes, spinach, Peanuts, Almonds, sweet potato, and chocolate should be avoided.
  • Reduce your sodium intake, found in salt. Cut down on items such as pickles, and seasoning which are very high in salt.
  • Avoid drinks such as Tea, Coffee, or alcohol.
  • Limit your amount of animal protein intake, high consumption can prove to be very harmful to people having a kidney stone. You can consume in Moderation.
  • Avoid any type of processed food such as white bread, canned food, cakes, or sugary juices.

diet chart for kidney stone patient

Habits Beneficial for Kidney Stone Patients

There are some habits or some things you can include in your daily lifestyle for health benefits and by kidney Stone patients to reduce or treat the stone

  • Ensuring sufficient water intake is a must as dehydration is also one of the reasons for the formation of a stone. Keep sipping on water throughout the day and keep yourself hydrated.
  • Consume more plant-based proteins instead of animal proteins. You can include soy, pea protein, Nuts, and lentils.
  • Eat foods rich in fiber, it binds calcium to the intestines by reducing it in the urinary tract. Foods such as Oranges, apples, Broccoli other types of fruits, vegetables, oats, and legumes are all rich in fiber.
  • Consume drinks such as lemonade, buttermilk, pomegranate juice, and homemade fruit juice as fluids can quickly dissolve a kidney stone, and the plus point? they taste super delicious too!
  • Banana stem juice- The juice made from the Banana stem is said to relieve the pain caused by kidney stones. It’s an ancient belief and you should try it.

Reasons for Kidney Stone Formation

There can be various reasons for a stone to form in an individual, the reasons may be different from one to another. However, there are some reasons which you can note and make changes accordingly in your lifestyle to stay fit and healthy.

Some of the most common causes of Kidney Stone are:

  • Reduced water intake – when an individual consumes less water such as less than even 2 liters a day, the urine become acidic thus facilitating the formation of a kidney stone.
  • Hereditary- Sometimes kidney stones can be formed due to hereditary reasons
  • An unhealthy diet- a diet that is very high in sugar and salt can increase the risk of Kidney stones.
  • Inactive lifestyle- Eating unhealthy food, paired with lack of exercise leading to obesity and weight gain is also one of the reasons for Kidney stones.
  • Urinary Tract Infections- People having UTIs form pus cells around which kidney stone formation can take place.

People suffering from kidney stones can follow the above list of foods to be consumed and the habits to inculcate in their lifestyles to not only get rid of the stone but also maintain a healthy balanced lifestyle! The importance of a healthy lifestyle including a workout plan and a healthy diet is underrated. Including just these 2 things in your life can prove to be huge life changers!

Try for a week and see the difference yourself!

Ananya Gupta
Ananya Gupta
An enthusiastic take on life type of Individual loves talking to people and learning from them, Believes that the more you travel, the Wiser you become. Has keen interest in Diet tips, Health and Wellness awareness.

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