Khapli Wheat Vs Normal Wheat: All You Need To Know

They say there’s no food in India as home-cooked Dal and Roti! It is true, as Indians, we have grown up eating home-cooked wheat roti, dal, and sabzi. It’s often known as the comfort food of people. Roti or parathas are made from Indian staple wheat, and they can be found in every house in India! Wheat is then ground to make flour. That flour is then used to make Rotis or chapati.

Today, we have brought you a type of wheat that is even more nutritious and beneficial than the normal one- Khapli wheat!

Sounds unbelievable. It is true and before listing its numerous benefits, let us tell you:

What is Khapli Wheat?

Khapli wheat is long, nutritious, and crustier than normal wheat grains. It is an ancient grain and was first cultivated around 10,000 years ago. Khapli is named so due to its crusty form, Khapli meaning crusty. Khapli is also called Emmer wheat in English.

Khapli Wheat vs normal wheat

Khapli Wheat vs Normal Wheat

Khapli wheat is rich in nutrients, such as fiber, protein, and fat, compared to normal wheat.

Although to eat Khapli wheat or normal wheat is entirely up to you.

A significant difference can be that the gluten content of Khapli wheat is less than in normal wheat due to being minimally processed. Also, the rotis made from Khapli are a little darker in color as compared to rotis made from wheat flour. 

Khapli Wheat Benefits:

There are numerous benefits of Khapli wheat which are:

  • Its high fiber contents

Khapli wheat has rich fiber content, which is great for all digestive issues and the digestive system. The fiber content also helps pass stool smoothly, thus managing constipation and reducing the risk of cardiovascular diseases.

  • Khapli wheat helps in Weight loss

The high fiber content helps you make feel for longer, thus keeping your cravings at bay, which helps in weight loss.

  • The rich content of antioxidants 

Khapli wheat is rich in antioxidants, which contribute to preventing wrinkles and provides many anti-aging benefits.

  • Great source of protein 

Khapli has high protein content and is a great choice for people wanting to consume more protein. One hundred grams of Khapli wheat has more protein than other normal grains such as wheat flour, ragi, bajra, corn, and rice.

  • An abundant source of Minerals and Vitamins

Khapli wheat has a variety of nutrients which is great for the heart and lowering cholesterol levels. Khapli wheat also increases immunity owing to its nutrients.

khapli wheat flour

Khapli wheat price per kg

You can buy Khapli wheat from your nearby super Mart or online from an app or website. Khapli wheat flour can range from Rs 175/kg to 150/kg.

Is Khapli wheat gluten-free?

Khapli wheat has very low gluten content but is not entirely gluten-free.

Khapli wheat is great for diabetics?

Khapli wheat has a low Glycaemic index, meaning it releases sugar slowly in the blood, unlike food with a high GI, which releases sugar fast and increases the sugar levels. Khapli wheat is considered great for people having diabetes. It is also very helpful in reducing blood glucose in diabetic people.

Khapli Wheat Flour Recipes

Khapli wheat atta can be used to make the following delicious and crusty recipes.

  • Roti – You can make rotis to eat with dal, and sabzi as per your choice.
  • Stuffed Paratha –  Khapli wheat is good to make stuffed or plain parathas.
  • Poori – You can make fluffy hot puris with any of your favorite curries.
  • Dosa – Khapli dosa is crunchier than the normal one.
  • Uttapam – Khapli atta can be used to make delicious uttapams.
  • Pancakes – Khapli pancakes are delicious and fluffy.
  • Cake – Khapli flour can be used to prepare very tasty cakes.
  • Bread – Khapli wheat bread is very low in gluten and an amazing source of dietary fiber, proteins, minerals, iron, and multiple vitamins.
  • Upma – Make tasty Upma using Khapli wheat flour.

Khapli Wheat Side Effects

There are no such effects of consuming this grain. Gluten intolerant people are advised to include Emmer Wheat or Khapli Flour in their regular diet plan.

Who can consume Khapli Wheat?

Khapli wheat is safe to be consumed by kids, adults, the elderly, and pregnant women. However, people intolerant to gluten or suffering from celiac disease should consult their doctor before consuming Khapli wheat.

Khapli wheat is a powerhouse of nutrition and can be consumed whole to make khichdi or grind into flour to make Indian bread like roti, paratha, puri, dosa, and uttapam. The easiest way to introduce Khapli wheat into your diet is through Khapli atta, you can make hot rotis from this and have it with your favorite dal, sabzi, or chicken curry!

This is surely not an alternative to normal wheat, but Khapli wheat can also be added to your diet for added nutritional benefits.

Ananya Gupta
Ananya Gupta
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