Healthy Indian Diet After Hysterectomy Surgery

You are probably here to know the right diet and a good nutritious Indian diet after hysterectomy surgery.

It is major surgery and eating healthy is one of the most important things to take care of for post-surgery care. Eating timely is as important as eating a nutrient-rich diet. For your post-surgery wellbeing, we have an Indian diet plan for you, so you don’t have to rely on soups and salads, instead eat whole foods which will keep you full and will help fasten your recovery.

Indian Diet After Hysterectomy Surgery

diet after hysterectomy


a bowl of oats porridge, 1-2 whole walnuts


a bowl of upma, a bowl of fresh fruits


a bowl of poha, a bowl of fresh fruits

Pre-lunch snack

a cup of sprouts


egg whites (2 eggs)


a glass of milk (you can have any alternative milk if you don’t prefer dairy)


2 rotis, a bowl of black dal, a bowl of cabbage sabzi, a side of salad, a glass of buttermilk


a cup of quinoa, a bowl of mix dal, a bowl of green sabzi, 2 pieces of chicken, a side of salad


1 bajra roti, a bowl of yellow dal, a bowl of bhindi, a side of salad, a glass of buttermilk

Evening snack

a cup of green tea, 2-3 threptin biscuits


3-4 almonds


some paneer cubes and grapes


a cup of brown rice, a bowl of capsicum aloo, a bowl of any curry sabzi, a bowl of curd, a side of salad


1 bajra roti, a bowl of carrot peas sabzi, a bowl of dal, a bowl of curd, a side of salad


2 multigrain rotis, a bowl of bottle gourd sabzi, a bowl of tomato curry, a bowl of curd, a side of salad

what to eat after surgery hysterectomy

Good nutrition is Important

Eat high-fiber food

Add fiber-rich foods to your diet plans such as whole grains, vegetables, and various types of fruits, which will help avoid constipation and lead to smooth healing of the stitches.

Consume Fruits and Vegetables

Having plenty of fruits and vegetables will keep your body nourished with essential vitamins and minerals, all essential for recovery, vegetable broth or soups are also great for the body post-surgery.

Consume fruit shakes

You might feel a decrease in your appetite after surgery, to overcome this have fruit shakes and smoothies with different types of fruits, and milk. it will keep you full and will help regain your appetite again.

Fewer carbs and more protein

Cut down your intake of foods high in carbohydrates such as white bread and pasta. Instead include protein-rich foods such as lentils, tofu, beans, eggs, peanut butter, chickpeas, and fish, seafood if you are a non-vegetarian.

Tips for reducing stress post-surgery

Take some time off

Whether you are a housewife or a working professional, doesn’t matter, take some time out from your daily routine and relax, in that time relax, sip a cup of green tea and enjoy your own time.


If you find yourself engaged in thinking about various things post-surgery, start meditating, find a quiet place and start meditating, it will help you feel calm and will ward off those unpleasant thoughts.

Do not push your body

You might find yourself tired earlier than usual sometimes post-surgery, do not push your body for strenuous activities as it is still recovering after surgery. give time for your body to heal and rest well. Sleep well every day, as it plays a vital role in your recovery.


Decide and prioritize what’s important to you at this point in life. a spouse, a good partner, a course? decide and rank them to do and achieve this will help in preventing stress caused by unimportant things in your life.

Foods to avoid after Hysterectomy Surgery

Sugary foods

Cakes, doughnuts, and other sweets can cause bloating which can put pressure on the incisions post-surgery and might delay the recovery process—Munch on fruit instead if you feel like having something sweet.

Packed juices

Packed juices will only increase sugar levels in your body, and won’t provide any nutrients too. Go for homemade fruit juices which will provide fiber to your body and will also help in the recovery process.

Say no to Alcohol

Avoid alcohol when you are recovering as it can hamper the whole recovery process.


Too much dairy can cause problems in clearing the bowels. Consume all dairy products in moderation.

Live a stress-free life, and pay special attention to your nutrition, as it is essential for your recovery.

Do not overexert yourself post your surgery, and prioritize your well-being for the next few days for a speedy and smooth recovery after hysterectomy surgery!

Ananya Gupta
Ananya Gupta
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